About Us

BuyMyTickets.lk is Sri Lanka’s biggest online tickets portal. We offer a unique and rich experience in purchasing online movie tickets. Sri Lanka’s best theatre chains are accompanied with us to provide the best cinematic experience to the public. BuyMyTickets.lk is the smartest way to book a ticket in Sri Lanka! We have understood the wants and needs of the Sri Lankan public when it comes to booking online tickets. BuyMyTickets.lk has partnered with Sri Lanka’s largest and most prominent theatre chains in Sri Lanka. BuyMyTickets.lk provides the most fastest and safest way to book tickets. As our slogan suggests, We provide the smartest way to book movie tickets in Sri Lanka.

Our Values

Get to know our values Our values guide the way we work with our strategic alliances, within our communities and with one another. Through integrity & accountability, positive attitude, knowledge gathering & sharing and work-life-balance, we have created a lively company culture where there are innovative ideas, success and we make sure that our employees and customers are always satisfied.


Being the biggest online entertainment portal in Asian region.


To provide an unparalleled service to the customers by being a fast and safe online entertainment portal.