Help and Support FAQ

What are the payment options available?

You can pay using Visa or Master Credit or debit cards.

What are the movie theaters available?

Currently, the theaters belong to following cinema chains are onboard with

1. EAP Cinemas

What are the tickets prices?

Ticket prices may vary according to the theaters.

What are half tickets?

Half ticket is a ticket issued for children who are under 12 year old.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the restrictions from movie theaters, we are unable to do any refunds. Therefore, is not

What are the movies I can book?

All the movies in the now showing section are available now. Some of the upcoming movies will be available for booking as well. We will notify those.

What happen after I do the payment?

Once the payment is done, you will receive a confirmation SMS and an Email. These messages will contain your reference number, which will work as your virtual ticket.

What if I enter wrong contact details?

We encourage the customers to be careful while filling the contact details section. However, if the wrong details were added by accident, please contact our help and support team over the phone or through an Email.

What if a show time gets canceled?

If in any case where a show time is canceled, you are eligible for a complete refund.

Can I change the seat numbers after the booking?

No. Seat numbers cannot be changed once booked. Can I change the date and the show time of a movie after the booking? No. Once the booking is done, no changes are allowed.

What is the maximum number of tickets I can buy?

Theaters have limited the maximum number of tickets to 20 per booking.

What should I do with the SMS or Email?

Once you receive the SMS/Email, you can use that at the theater counter to receive your physical ticket. In most theaters, there will be a special counter for online tickets.

I need more help!

Please call us or Email us so one of our customer care agents will contact you soon.